• Norris Bennett Height: 5'9"  Eyes: Brown  Hair:Dreads

    imdb http://www.imdb.me/norrisbennett





    Norris Bennett (Actor,Entertainer,Artist,Entrepreneur)
    5400 FORT HENRY DR Suite 12 Kingsport, Tn 37663CastingNorrisBennett@gmail.com
    912-592-3694 or 423-726-2401
        South BeachTow Season 3 episode 16,17 Rapper/Thug named killa stacks TruTV:William D.Young jr
        Simple Happiness                                "Tony" Carter's Friend and band leader
        Telemundo/Concert 2016  Fan of Spanish singing Legend Telemundo
        Bet (The Quad)                                 Audience member
        Ballers season 1 Vernon's Crew/Mansion party guests/Florida Marlins and    Miami Dolphins Fan HBO Dir: Peter Berg
        Alvin and the chipmunks 4 road Chip Paparazzi/Press Dir:Walt Becker 
        Organic Man                                        Track and Field official/referee                                              Milton Jones
        Webseries                                           Audition Actor                                                             Comedy Flo Ent.Pierre Joseph
        Blindsided (2016)                                Subway Performer                                                       Dir. Star Baby Enterprises
        Answers To Everything (2016)              House Party Guest                                                       Gregory Lakhan (dir.)
        Music video
        Patoranking "Bob Marley's grandson



        Special Skills

    Dialects: Southern, Georgia State DL, Song Arranger, Producer, Songwriter, Rapper, Singer, Social Media Marketing and Promotions, Public Speaking 





    Height: 5'9  Eyes: Brown  Hair: Dreads




    N.B (Actor,Entertainer,Artist,Entrepreneur)
    5400 FORT HENRY DR Suite 12 Kingsport, Tn 37663 N.Bmusic2009@gmail.com
    912-592-3694 or 423-726-2401
        Performance/Shows                                   Cities/States                                Dates                                                                       
        Club 1421   Anderson, SC 2009
        Wing it (2)                                Clemson, SC                      2008
        Club 29   Atlanta,   GA Talent Explosion 2008
        Talent Explosion                        Atlanta, GA                        Adonis Intl presents: 2007                             
        Coconut Grove   Lithonia,   GA 2009
        Fountain Club   Douglas,   GA 2009
        Club 908   Conyers,   GA 2009
        J's Sports Bar   Forest Park, GA 2009
        Throwbacks   College Park, GA 2009
        The Gate   Jonesboro,  GA Gregg Street and Nappy Roots 2009
        The Expo   Stone Mountain, GA Battle Ground Champion 6 weeks in a row 2009
        Club 57 West (5)   Orlando, Fl 1/17, 7/6, 7/13, 10/26, 11/9 all 2011
        Paradise Park   Merritt Island Fl 9/30/2011
        Caribbian Hut (2)   Orlando, Fl 5/28/2011 and 10/31/2011
        Roosters Club 4270   Winter Park, Fl 7/13/2011
        11/12 Lounge (2)   Orlando, Fl 7/12/2011 and 10/29/2011
        Status Lounge   Orlando, Fl 6/24/2011
        Easy Speak Showcase   Daytona Beach, Fl 8/21/2011
        Zen Exotic Lounge   Orlando, fl 9/10/2011
        UAAMUSIC TOUR   Orlando,  fl 11/17/2013
        Peacock Lounge   Orlando, fl 7/4/2014
        Rachels   Casselberry, Fl 5/14/2014
        Pasha   Orlando, Fl 3/17/2012
        Youth Event   Sturat, FL 3/17/2010
        All Hood Event   Cocoa Beach 5/16/2012
        HipHop Showdown   Merritt Island,Fl 9/30/2011
        N.B B-day bash   Altamonte Springs fl 9/16.2012
        REDLight   Atlanta, Ga 9/15/2009


        Radio play/stations   city/state/country Host/DJ/number/Dates                               Song
        WATS 1420   Atlanta, GA 404-292-1420
        Fearless Radio   Chicago, Ill  
        91.5 WPRK   Winter Park, Fl D.J Wired 407-646-2915                    I be on that Drank (6)
        Bangeoutradio.com     2/4/2012                                           I be on that Drank
        Z103 Iradio     6/10/2012                                         ON my GRind
        Turf Music Radio     6/10/2012                                         OMG ,IBOTD
        Talktocity.com     6/14/2012                                          IGBI,OMG,IBOTD
        Reachingforlucidity.com     7/30/2012                                          I be on that Drank
        SongShooter.com     4/29/2012                                          On my GRind
        BTR Back Street Radio     4/7/2013                                            U can have that
        Radio Studio Centrale   Europe FM 9/22/2014                                          Drinks on me
        Musik Temple   Internet 9/22/2014                                          Drinks on me
        The Edge 96.1   Oceania FM 9/22/2014                                          Drinks on me
        Eos Music   Internet 9/22/2014                                          Drinks on me
        FM 96.5 Milan   Europe FM 9/22/2014                                          Drinks on me
        91.7 WSGE   Internet FM 9/22/2014                                          Drinks on me
        RWI   Internet FM 9/22/2014                                          Drinks on me
        2 Planeta   Internet SAM 9/22/2014                                          Drinks on me
        RAdio Lumbini 96.8   Asia FM 9/22/2014                                          Drinks on me
        PositiveVibesRAdio.net   Internet 9/22/2014                                          Drinks on me
        Raadio Kadi   Europe FM 9/22/2014                                          Drinks on me
        Chic Radio   Europe Internet 9/23/2014                                          Drinks on me
        Radio Studio Centrale   Europe FM 9/23/2014                                          Drinks on me
        M3radio.com   Internet CR 9/23/2014                                          Drinks on me
        Radio The Level   Internet SAM 9/23/2014                                          Drinks on me
        Radio Next FM   India Internet 9/23/2014                                          Drinks on me
        Nostalgias Xela   Internet SAM 9/23/2014                                          Drinks on me
        Radio Londrina Hits   Internet SAM 9/23/2014                                          Drinks on me
        WFNP 88.7 FM   College Radio 9/23/2014                                          Drinks on me
        UM Radio   Internet SAM 9/23/2014                                          Drinks on me
        Mgzc Radio   Internet 9/23/2014                                          Drinks on me
        Raka 98.8 FM   India 9/23/2014                                          Drinks on me
        106.5FM IN2beats   UK FM 9/24/2014                                          Drinks on me
        RAdio City Rafaela   SA FM 9/24/2014                                          Drinks on me
        RamjamRadio.com   UK FM 9/24/2014                                          Drinks on me
        RV   Europe FM 9/26/2014                                          Drinks on me
        WCAL   College FM 9/30/2014                                          Drinks on me       
        G.Rilla Radio   Internet 10/6/2014                                          Drinks on me
        RAM   Internet 10/13/2014                                        Drinks on me
        MikeLive!   Internet UK 10/18/2014                                        Drinks on me
        Radio Web Cross   Internet SAM 10/22/2014                                        Drinks on me
        HipHopDeadz RAdio   Internet 10/22/2014                                        Drinks on me
        Radio Tupiniquim   Internet SAM 10/29/2014                                        Drinks on me
        UFDV Radio   Internet SAM 11/4/2014                                          Drinks on me
        AccesstoArisingArtist.   Internet 11/5/2014 718-766-4864                    Drinks on me
        Street Jam Radio   UK 11/12/2014 Mr.ID,Antix,DJ Daz            Drinks on me
        Xsiteradio   West Hills Cali 11/16/2014                                        Drinks on me
        Truedalyphradio     11/19/2014                                        Drinks on me
        MsPinkproductionllc   Internet 12/23/2014                                        Drinks on me
        AmethysttrubizTV     11/22/2014                                        Drinks on me
        MactunesRadio     10/14/2014                                        Drinks on me
        Maddradio                                                              Drinks on me
        Live365 919wal   College radio                                                          Drinks on me
        Loyola University   College radio                                                          Drinks on me
        Warstoriesradiolive                                                              Drinks on me
        Atlwebradio   Internet                                                          Drinks on me
        89.fm RAdioRam   Polish                                                          Drinks on me
        Watavy   Toronto Canada                                                                Drinks on me
        RadioBroadCast FM   France                                                          Drinks on me
        RadioStudioCentrale   Italy                                                          Drinks on me
        Baucemanradio FM   Oak Park Ill                                                          Drinks on me
        YeamonRadio   Lithonia Georgia                                                          Drinks on me
        Boldnboasyent                                                              Drinks on me
        GuyTalkRadio   LA California                                                          Drinks on me
        FCS radio                                                              Drinks on me
        WkNZ power 101     425-405-5163                                    Drinks on me
        UFDV REggae   Jamaica                                                          DRinks on me
        @turnupradio_   internet radio                                                          Drinks on me
        Dop Souf Mag                                                              Drinks on me
        The Crissyoshow   internet radio 9/12/2015                                          Drinks on me
        To Grown For That Show   Blog Talk Radio 11/7/2015                                          Drinks on me
        Heartschatradio   The daily grind radio 11/8/2015                                          Drinks on me
        www.soundfusionradio.net   Online 2/29/2016                                          Drinks on me
        wkir99.9   FM radio 2/29/2016                                          Drinks on me
        DRTYBSMNT SHOW   Online 4/6/2016                                            Drinks on me
        2 Loco Radio   Online 8/23/2016                                          Drinks on me
        www.kscu.org   103.3 fm 3/18/2017                                          Whats going on
        winkelwagenshow   Netherlands 6/7/2017                                            Whats going on     
        Todays Hitradio   Netherlands 6/7/2017                                            Whats going on
        One FM Shepparton   98.5 FM Australia 6/8/2017                                            Whats going on
        Xenox   Netherlands 6/8/2017                                            Whats going on
        HaPPyFan-Radio   Germany 6/8/2017                                            Whats going on
        Streamalot   Germany 6/9/2017                                            Whats going on
        Power 97' D Live 365 network   United States 6/10/2017                                          Whats going on
        In The Mix (Syndicated Show)   Norway 6/11/2017                                          Whats going on
        RadioGaga   Australia 6/13/2017                                          Whats going on
        MoodMedia   Netherlands 6/13/2017                                          Whats going on
        Realdance Radio   Netherlands 6/14/2017                                          Whats going on
        Musicmatic   Belgium 6/14/2017                                          Whats going on
        Growing up hiphop s1e4   WETV 6/15/2017                                          Drinks on me
        Radio Virtual DJ Mix   Brazil 6/17/2017                                          Whats going on
      United Kingdom 6/23/2017                                          Whats going on
        DDJ Music   Netherlands 6/26/2017                                          Whats going on
        Trend Music   Netherlands 6/27/2017                                          Whats going on
        Timbre Media   India 6/30/2017                                          Whats going on
        Hustla Hype   United States 7/01/2017                                          Whats going on
        hotelradio.fm   Switzerland 7/03/2017                                          Whats going on
        EOS Music   United States 7/05/2017                                          Whats going on
        My Instore Radio   Denmark 7/07/2017                                          Whats going on
        Moojic:   India 7/10/2017                                          Whats going on
        DMX: In-store radio South Africa   South Africa 7/11/2017                                          Whats going on
        Stingray   Netherlands 7/14/2017                                          Whats going on
        MARELL Mediasystems    Netherlands 7/27/2017                                          Whats going on
        Sparkle FM   United States 7/28/2017                                          Whats going on
        DJ Ton   Germany 7/31/2017                                          Whats going on
        UbuntuFM International   South Africa 8/08/2017                                          Whats going on
        UMix   United States 8/10/2017                                          Whats going on
        Sirius XM   United States 8/11/2017                                          Whats going on
        auntie mo kids radio   United Kingdom 8/26/2017                                          Whats going on
        109.1 Radio   United States 9/04/2017                                          Whats going on
        Magazine Interviews     Dates
        O.C.M.O The Magazine     Winter 2008
        Wrg Magazine     January 23 2012
        www.imoveilive.com     Oct.20,2014
        N.B press Release     Sept.30,2014
        Musik RAdio PR     Sept 22,2014
        Mactunes Magazine     April 15,2015
        YCN News     june 2014
        I am PR     Dec 2,2015
        Music Imperium     June 5,2016
        Globalhiphopevents.com     Oct.10,2014
        Violet Banana     June 10,2013
        Globalhiphopevents‬.com     8/19/2016
        make a move magazine     1/23/2017
        Radio Interviews      
        91.5 WPRK Wired RAdio     5/25/2014 D.J wired                                                            
        Mspinkproductionllc     12/23/2014
    spit a verses    
        To Grown For That     11/7/2015
        heartschatradio     11/8/2015
        Magazine Feature     Dates
        CrunkAtlantamg     10/17/2014
        Flyah Magazine      
        make a move magazine     1/23/2017

        Video Features     Dates
        Patoranking   Another Level  
        Host     Dates/Location
        Wprk RAdio 91.5     winter park fl
        Peacock Lounge     7/14/2014 Orlando fl