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The Back of My Beyond By "Kandis Leshun" 


This inaccessible place is deep within screaming to be took out of confinement. 
This uninhabited beyond has not yet been explored. 

The isolation of my thoughts scares my soul. Desolation, forlornness, and heart ache thrive in the back of my beyond. 

Am i sad because solitariness, seclusion, and abandoned thoughts need to be exposed to find the back of my beyond. 

This unaided path could show me what i need to see. Unaccompanied thoughts of past struggles, obstacles, and plans lies in the back of my beyond. 

So I'm closing my eyes and ready to concur this place of my thoughts, solitude and withdrawal. 

I'm finding my path to the back of my beyond.

Walk On by Kevin Huggins Jr. 

Look at how far we've come. As a people we've stretched as rays to reach out toward the sun. Grasping a brighter future is utterly what we have done. Still the strides we are taking are in motion, we've only just begun. Every person has a bout they must conquer, or a battle they have won. There is no progress without struggle something always to overcome. A strain is only strength we have yet to exhibit success is only required once. Learning from the past only to glimpse at the inadequacies is all we need to lunge. Oppression is plagued by the aggression in poverty. Succession is staged by pressures of commodities. People who are on track seem to walk as others run. So far ahead of the depression however drugs are still concessions. You should never concede with what it is regularly accepted. Imagine the procession, you needed an ovation for the masses to buy what you have been selling. It's all over to those who have never felt it. This wisdom I speak of is worth more than I can be approved for without credit. Our past can never be repeated if the crowd witnessed the deficit. Imitating those who are irrelevant because they are successful, but under what precedents? Wealth in a dream house full of horrors that is smeltering. Shade hides what the rays can never reach meanwhile the world is weltering. A sacrifice was made an individual paid a price for their own prosperity. A life of luxury is earned, there is no way to effortless posterity. Look carefully and think verily believe in condescending theories of empathy. If there is no sympathy for the weak whose left lift the foundation from underneath. Fill the heart with ambitious thoughts of expeditious crosses of distraught religious faults. Find a common goal, a waive to those fictitious sqwuaks. Then the past can truly be a present securely locked in a vault. A combination of a starving nation honoring the proclamations of our four father's greatness, the motion to move not just talk. Equal compensation while working hard for not only yours, but our fellow man's preservation. Let's all be white house secret service agents. Keep the black house untainted, and the brown house from slaving. Including all colors remembering we are a land of many nation's. Drive out hatred and complacent ideals of failure forever faded. A star spangled cadence of love, forgiveness, and a land without anguish. Truth is history is a cycle and this motion takes patience. Progress will never be clear until we focus on the filth that stained it. Lest we forget the world constantly changes and will still need maintenance. To keep the next generation from revisiting the same stages. It's up to us to continue to move forward turning the pages. A step in the right direction could mean nuances to come for ages. Just conceive a world without careless phase.The day we acknowledge movement is needed we will reach new places. Then we can all just walk on, walk on into an even brighter tomorrow.